Let's have another go at...2021!

Eddie and the Hot Rods hope everyone has managed to survive this dreadful year as unscathed as possible. We know many will have been affected and our thoughts and sympathy go out to those who have had the worst of it.

It's been a crazy, unpredictable and pretty awful 18 months since we lost Barrie and it's given us time to have a think about the future. Many will assume that because we are now without our remaining 'original' that the Band would fold and we would have no need to play our music anymore. Wrong...

It won't please everyone... thank you for supporting us this long...but we are going to carry on with the core of the Band that have stuck together and called themselves Eddie and the Hot Rods for the last 20+ years. It's not like we can just stop playing anyway, but we think we still have something to offer and so offer it we will.

Dipster will take over Frontman/Vocal duties and to help him cover the ground Bazza did, Mic Stoner (ex Chords) has joined us on Bass Guitar. We will never be able to replicate Barrie's immense presence on stage, but neither will we be able to take that stage without him being with us in spirit and we hope you'll be able to understand, that it is with the utmost respect that we decided to continue.

Rescheduled dates, new dates...all just starting to take shape. We will be updating the Gig List and ticket info very soon, when all the info has been gathered. We will also post here which shows have been rescheduled and which are cancelled from our original gig list. Hopefully, this will help out with those who had previously bought tickets and are either waiting for a new date or need to seek refunds - again, this will be as soon as all info is available.

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